Saturday, December 01, 2007

[Singapore Writers Festival] Reel Blogging - The Pleasures and Pitfalls of Movie Blogs

The Singapore Writers Festival begins today, and the panel of which I was a part of, Reel Blogging - The Pleasures and Pitfalls of Movie Blogs, moderated by Ben Slater, was given the evening timeslot of 7-8pm at the Arts House's Blue Room. Good thing we had this one hour gap after the previous event at 6pm, for setting up and sorting out some of the audio-visual issues.

Despite the low attendance (dinner time perhaps?) I thought it was a pretty good discussion (though 50 minutes flew by real fast, especially when you're starting to warm up and have fun), to learn about Ben's experiences, Yu-mei's stint at, and being the only panel to have a member, Alexis Tioseco, join in via technology - an internet connection, Skype and a webcam.

To those who attended the panel, thank you very much.
Here are some of the websites that were put on the spotlight during the discussion:
1. Ben's Blog
3. Alexis' Blog
4. GreenCine Daily

and here's a group photograph taken after the event. Alexis being projected really big on the wall!
LtoR: Ben, Yu-mei and Me

The Singapore Writers Festival runs through to 9 Dec 07 at the Arts House. Do click on this website for the full event details.

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