Saturday, December 15, 2007

[I Want See] The Dark Knight

Can't Find Me Bats? Or Do You Need Another Clue?!

Like Finding A Damn Needle In A Haystack!

OK, this one is a no brainer. In the last 24-48 hours, two new posters have surfaced online, and a new "Why So Serious" teaser meant for the cinema poster boards with the Joker vandalizing it with a smile. Not putting that one here cos the version online is taken off a camera and reflected the photographer on it, but you can perform google magic to look for it.

Anyway, those in the USofA now watching Will Smith's I Am Legend, will find a new trailer attached to the print. And one of those lucky fellas decided to use mobile phone technology to bootleg the trailer for the rest of the world to see. Bless You! But still, we haven't seen anything yet from those watching I Am Legend on the IMAX, as the first 6 minutes of the Dark Knight, was featured as well. Aargh!



The trailer proper will be making its way to the official Dark Knight site soon, as early as next week. Those who can't wait would have already clicked on it below (I'll probably replace it with a proper looking one when the time comes). With the countless of viral marketing sites, this Dark Knight is quite difficult to keep track of, not because of the lack of information, but it's just the damn hell too much!

What rocks in the new trailer:
1. The spoken lines! "Why so serious?!" and "Let's put a smile on that face!"
2. Perhaps we get to see Bruce Wayne's Penthouse atop WayneTech, where he sets up an alternate "cave".
3. Heath Ledger does a bone chilling laughter!!!!
4. Move over Bat-tank, here comes the Bat-missile!

What doesn't rock in the new trailer:
1. Please tell me no, the Joker does not get relegated to a maniacal knife wielding sicko who creates permanent smiles on his victims by cutting them. Bring on the smilex! Finesse, please!
2. Enough of those Bat-shots on boring rooftops?
3. I Believe in Harvey Dent, so where is he? I believe Dent will be kept firmly under wraps until showtime.

I'm so creaming I have to wear my T-Shirt again!

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