Wednesday, January 29, 2014

re:solve / 决议案 Trailer

There's a release date! And a new trailer to accompany the one month wait to its debut. Touted as Singapore's first police crime thriller, anticipation and expectation is, naturally, high.

A little bit more of the story, written by Matthew Ing, Olivia Loh and director Randy Ang, gets teased in the new trailer, though I'll hold my tongue if it seemed a wee bit like...



Bookmark 27 Feb 2014 in your calendar!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Protect Citizens of Straight Laced Singapore with Rubbers!

We all have our personal favourite filmmakers, whose films we never fail to watch, and recommend.

And when your favourite filmmakers make an appeal, you want to help in any way you can.

Hence, Rubbers (套).

I chanced upon this film when the creative folks at 18g Pictures were incubating it sometime circa 2012, picking up a promotional postcard (at the Hong Kong International Film Festival), emblazoned with that picture you see right at the top of this post. It's kinda naughty, grabs your attention, and you wonder just what's brewing in the minds of the filmmakers.

After all, it's a sex-comedy. Heck, just that genre alone has piqued my interest since we're already done with horror-comedies, with a slate of bad genre films to have hit our shores in recent years.

Some details about Rubbers (套) have been released, that it's a collection of three short stories centred around love, seduction and punishment. The film's 2/3 done, and needs some fresh injection of funds to see it through completion. You can listen / watch director Han Yew Kwang make his appeal at Indiegogo, together with familiar faces in the 18g Pictures stable:

So, DONATE. You know you want to. Even if it's just to make the censors here work hard at tripping over themselves and getting all flustered when it comes to rating it.

But more importantly, this country deserves a vastly different voice in defining its comedies, rather than the same-old boring formula by the usual suspects. A little quirkiness doesn't hurt at all!

And 18g Pictures, has my vote of confidence to do just that.

Oh, and if you need more convincing, hit the Rubbers's Indiegogo page to see what the newly minted 50th Golden Horse Best Supporting Actress would be up to in the film. Don't say that good things never share, OK?

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

2014 Singapore Movies

Friends, this is to keep track of Singapore movies (made by Singapore Filmmakers / selected co-productions) screened, or going to be screened, for this year - 2014.

Do check back for periodic updates, as and when I discover them.
Or help me! If you know of those not in my list, please let me know?
Or if you're a filmmaker and have an upcoming project, would you grant me the opportunity of trying to add a little buzz to it?

Mucho Gracias!

Feature Films

The Lion Men / 狮神决战 - Jack Neo, Jan 2014


re:solve (决议案 / Jue Yi An) - Randy Ang, Feb 2014



Justice Devil / The Magnum (Working Title) - C.J.Harvaraj


(Magnum) Trailer:

3.50 - Eysham Ali & Chhay Bora, Feb 2014

3688 / 想入飛飛 - Royston Tan, 2014

As You Were - Liao Jiekai, 2014

Filial Party / 我是孝子 - Boris Boo, May 2014

Afterimages - A Collection of Horror Films From Hell - Tony Kern, 2014

Teaser (Ghost Pool Leg):


Banting - M Raihan Halim, 2014

Camera - James Leong, 2014

FaeryVille - Tzang Merwyn Tong, 2014

I Am Jonathan - David Liu & Kelvin Sng, 2014

I Want You / 中国好声音之为你转身 - Chai Yee-Wei, China Dec 2013, Singapore 2014

Little Medium Boy / 小灵媒 - Meng Ong, 2014

Meeting the Giant / 再见巨人 - Tay Ping Hui, 2014

Mister John - Christine Molloy and Joe Lawlor, 2014

The Obs: A Documentation - Yeo Siew Hua, 2014

Rubbers / 套 - Han Yew Kwang

Sayang Disayang / Ramuan Rahasia / The Missing Ingredient - Sanif Olek, SalaMindanaw International Film Festival 2013, Singapore 2014


Showreel 1:

Showreel 2:

To Singapore, with Love / 星国恋 - Tan Pin Pin, Busan International Film Festival Oct 2013

Wukan: The Flame of Democracy - Lynn Lee & James Leong, 2014

A Yellow Bird - Kesavadas S/O Rajagopal, 2014

Zombiepura - Jacen Tan, 2014

Others in the horizon

(aka Announced / Development Hell / Pre-Production / Post-Production / Release TBA / etc)
1021 - Vicknesh Saravanan

1400 - Derrick Lui

1965 - Homerun Asia

32 - Eric Khoo

A Bit of Earth - Lee Thean-jeen (Raintree)

A Million Monkeys - Sun Koh

Ah Boys To Frogmen - Jack Neo

Ah John - Jeremy Sing

Apprentice - Boo Junfeng

The Arrival - Tan Pin Pin

Banting - M Raihan Halim

BasketBallet - Nicholas Chee

Bed - Kelvin Tong

Betok - Sherman Ong

Black Box - Militancy Pte Ltd

Bookmarked - Wesley Leon Aroozoo

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner - Tay Bee Pin

Bringing Back the Dead / 招魂 - Lee Thean-Jeen

Broadway Beng Movie - ?

Bye Bye Ghosts! - Han Yew Kwang

Building Waves / 溺 - Rick Aw

Causeway - Alson Ho

The Charming Rose / Chinese Rose - Eric Khoo

The Chase - Homerun Asia/Clover Films

Cloudcuckooland - Ho Tzu Nyen

Coffee Roses - Cheng Ding An

Come Home Grandma! - Rajendra Gour

The Confinement Nanny - Teo Eng Tiong

Dayak Brothers - Kelvin Sng

Dystopia - Jeevan Nathan, Mike Chew, Christina Choo, Boi Kwong, Randy Ang, Ric Aw, Bernard Tan, Lawrence Ong, Terence Teo, Nicholas Chu

East of Aden - Marcus Lim

Email - Kelvin Tong

Endless Day - Ho Tzu Nyen

Eter9ity / 天长地9 - Kelvin Sng

Fabulous Fat Fish - Cubix International, 3D Animated (from the makers of Zodiac and Legend of the Sea :P)

Fallen - Lillian Wang

Fang - Wee Li Lin

The Flying Postman - Han Yew Kwang

FM - Mediacorp Raintree Radio Movie

Forgotten Tears - Ellery Ngiam

Fuck Me Dead - Eric Khoo

The Gene Generation - Pearry Reginald Teo


Get Meaty - Han Yew Kwang

Ghost Bride - Sam Loh

Ghostwriter - Cheng Ding An

Go, Thaddeus! - Yasmin Ahmad

Granny Neo (Animated) (2011) - Jack Neo?

The Hangman's Breakfast - Glen Goei

Happy April's Fool - Kah-Beng

Hinterland - Tan Pin Pin

Homeland - Marcus Lim

I Am Thinking Of You - Elizabeth Wijaya & Lai Weijie

I Not Stupid - China - Jack Neo

The Immigrant Story - (Bad Alliteration Films)

In The Room - Eric Khoo

Jam - ? (Pics Talk)

The Kids Who Went To Jail - James Leong and Lynn Lee

Koi - Mika G Yamaji

Kung Fu Gecko the Movie - Egg Story Creative Production

Little Medium Boy = Ong Meng

Look Both Ways - Yong Mun Chee

Love Me Tender, Love Me Fat - Han Yew Kwang

Maid To Order - Djinn

Matahari - Azharr Rudin

Mei Meng - Ernest Goh and Randy Ang

Men Look Women See - ? (Sinema Incubator Programme)

Merry Gold Round - A.I. Pictures

Migrant Workers - James Leong and Lynn Lee

Monsoon Murders - Kelvin Tong

More Than Words - Kelvin Sng

Ms J Contemplates Her Choice - Jason Lai

My Life In Heels - Militancy Pte Ltd

Nadra - Sarah Lambert

The Nail - Mike Wulian

Night Lights - Daniel Hui

Notes From An Expat The Movie - Lionel Chok

Our Sister Mambo - Ho Wi Ding

Perkataan Cinta - Shahrezza Zuhri

Pickles - JK Saravana


Pinball - Han Yew Kwang

Pontianak The Movie - Chai Yee Wei

Protect, My Love - Leonard Lai

The Rapists Wore Blue Hats - Amit Virmani

Real Fiction - Han Yew Kwang

Redhill Close - Lei Yuan Bin

Rooms - Void Deck Films

Rough Mix - ?

School in the Sky - Dennis Wong & Dorji Wangchuk

The Seminarian - Joshua Lim

Seven: The Spirit Returns - Foo Fung Koon

Seven Days - Mirtillo Films

The Shortest Man in the Village Who Can Soar Like an Eagle - James Leong and Lynn Lee

Sinema - Tan Ai Leng

Singapooru - Abbas Akbar

Singapore Cowboy - Wee Li Lin

Singapore Girl - Kan Lume

Six "Brave" Warriors - Jack Neo

Silver Ring - Wong Kuang Yong

Sinema Paradiso - Tan Ai Leng

So This is Christmas - Void Deck Films

Styrofoam Samurai - Cheng Ding An

Taller Than Yao Ming - (Raintree)

Third Eye Open - Tony Kern

They Call Her ITCHY BITCH - Void Deck Films

Thunder Boys - Alaric Tay

Titoudao - Goh Boon Teck

Unsettled - A.I. Pictures

Untitled Eunice Olsen Film - TBC

Untitled Geoffrey Malone Science Fiction Black Comedy - Geoffrey Malone

Untitled Glen Goei Movie Set In Australia - Glen Goei

Untitled Harry Yap Movie - Harry Yap

Untitled Lionel Chok Project - Lionel Chok

Untitled Russel Wong Movie by 2011 - Russel Wong

Untitled "Study Mothers/Pei Du Ma Ma" Project - Kelvin Sng

Untold Beauty - Roy Lim

Vengeance of Cleopatra - ?

V O L U P T A S - Sanif Olek

Wild Dog Chase - Homerun Asia

WSB Executive Assistant - Randy Ang

Yellow Flowers - Glen Goei

The Youth - Clover Films

Zeroes to Heroes - ? (AI Films)
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