Monday, December 17, 2007

The Savages

Calm Before the Storm

Have you ever wondered what you will do when a surviving parent suddenly re-enters your life, in demanding some time from you because of illness? Yes while it's easy to pay lip service and say you'll take care of him/her out of filial piety, how many of us can honestly say, "No worries, I know exactly what to do", and not even consider an option of the old folks' home?

Sometimes I do wonder (*looks around if parents are peering over shoulder*) if old folks home do seem like a good alternative, given that there is after all, someone to provide some basic care giving while you're out there busy with your day job, before taking over the care giving after 9-5. I think not many of us can afford to, in this era of ever increasing cost, to put everything down, and live on savings, just to provide that level of first line care, and to just "be there". Certainly questions to ponder about, and I'm not sure why, I've been pondering upon issues like these for some time already, since it's almost inevitable.

The Savages is a timely movie which succinctly puts my thoughts on the pros and cons together nicely, through the taking of sides with either Laura Linney's character, or that played by Philip Seymour Hoffman. Both give world class performances, which makes The Savages a delight to sit through despite the heavy message, and one that rings so close to home in time to come. Due out in Jan next year, bookmark this movie in your calendar, and make it a point to watch when it's released, if not for the message, then watch it for the performances.

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