Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Holy Poster Glut Batman!

Friends would know I'm a big enough Bat-fan to have a post like this up on my blog. So just when you thought that Batman Begins had too many posters, The Dark Knight just went into overdrive, and that's not to mention the number of viral sites and gimmicks that keep on popping up all over the Internet.

These were two of the earliest, which shows Batman overlooking some miscellaneous skyline for The Joker

And of course this made it clear that the skyline is Hong Kong's. Just what is Bats doing there, only the movie will tell...

Then there's the ultra-creative Why So Serious campaign

And this one is amongst my favourites, which I thought would probably send out chills if put up properly and strategically in a theatre premises, as if The Joker was really behind the poster panel...

Then you have the complimentary "Don't Piss With Me" head shots

Got Dart?

Got Card?

Erm... Got Badge?

And of course, all three can be combined together to make one mega poster

This one goes into my books as one of the most bad-ass posters of all time, inspiration probably borrowed from The Crow. Unless of course you start to wonder just who the heck had the time to blow out the windows in that fashion.

But This????


Sheesh, I no like the Bat-pod already...

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