Monday, June 02, 2008

Holy Poster Glut Again Batman! And Wipe That Milk Moustache!

The poster/banner glut continues with the following:

but the one that takes the cake, and it's not poster/banner related, is this Got Milk ad. Tsk, please let not the Nolan-Bale Batman go down the gutter like how Adam West's campy version did!!

Oh yeah, in other money making news that will probably leave fanboys unfazed (who, me? *blink*), Warner Bros Records will release four different versions of The Dark Knight soundtrack: a standard jewel case CD, a 2 LP set of heavy-weight 180 gram vinyl version, a special edition digipack, and a collector's edition with special artwork to come after release. Sheesh.

But on the brighter side, there's gonna be an animated movie called Batman: Gotham Knight to be released a week before Nolan's The Dark Knight hits the screen, and it is Batman done anime style. You can check out more details at the official website.

And speaking of websites, The Dark Knight's website has finally gotten some meat. So Bat-fans, July can't come any sooner!

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