Saturday, February 23, 2008

Screen Shots at ACM Part 2 - Sepet

Here's Madam Director saying a few words to introduce Sepet, still rated as one of my favourite amongst her movies (i.e. got that special place in my heart you know?) and I guess I will try not to miss an opportunity each time it is shown on the big screen. Sepet was screened right after the continuation of Mukhsin from last night where only half the movie could be shown before technicalities came to damper the event.

Watching it in chronological order, and especially right after Mukhsin, the dialogue and words uttered by Jason about him meeting Orked probably from another life, telling her that he has many things to ask her and to tell her, brings a whole new dimension to enjoying Sepet altogether.

There was time for a short Q&A, and the number one question (and according to Yasmin, in almost every festival / Q&A session), will be who picked up the phone? Of course there are many different theories and Yasmin put it quite rightly that the theory that you want to believe in, kinda reflects what kind of person you are - the realist, or the hopeless romantic.

The other question asked was why make a love story of people from different races. Yasmin shared her background, where she was once engaged to an Englishman who died. She was writing from experience, and explained that one should write about things one's familiar with, otherwise it will most often come across as fake.

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