Thursday, December 06, 2007

The Kite Runner

You Be My Wingman

This is a powerful story about friendship and redemption, set against the historical backdrop of Afghanistan, in its pre-Soviet invasion days, the invasion, and post-invasion where it became controlled by the Talibans. It's multi-faceted and layered, with micro and macro views of the backdrop of events, and of its characters, centrally two friends of different class and social standing, Amir and his boy servant Hassan, and then the father-son relationship in Amir and his father Rahim Kahn as migrants in American society.

The Taliban scenes were close to reports that you've probably read with regards to the atrocities they committed, and I thought director Marc Foster did a good job in not romanticizing or condemning it with cheap swipes. And the kite flying / battle scenes were really exhilarating to watch! But ultimately, the emo-scenes as truths are uncovered, all in the name of face saving, and the destruction of reputation, makes The Kite Runner a very powerful movie, enough to contend for my year end list of best movies of the year.

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