Sunday, December 30, 2007

Top 5 Duds of 2007

5: Pleasure Factory
Arthouse wannabe. Couldn't tell it like it is, and relied too much on faux pas silence is golden mantra on what essentially are weak short stories strung together. Box office numbers probably due to ah pek wondering what the R21 fuss is, only to realize that most of the nudity comes from local actor-director Loo Zihan.

4: Next
The powers get too powerful all of a sudden, and the whole movie looks like it opted to rewind and start from scratch again. Someone should ban these damn rewinding and "balek start" tendencies. Next!

3: Anna & Anna
Two Karena Lams for the price of one? Pity the story is a yawnfest.

2: Rise: Blood Hunter
Lucy Liu was supposedly nude in this, but it turned out to either be a body double, or that the lighting helped to create shadows to preserve her modesty. I am not sure what Michael Chiklis is doing in this movie, which cannot decide what it wants to be - a poor Blade clone, or a woeful Kate Beckinsale in tights wannabe.

1: Legend of the Sea
How this got made after the dismal Zodiac: The Legend Begins, is a mystery. Probably saved by VCD/DVD sales, this movie still did not present any breakthrough material both in story and quality of animation, and remains quite an embarrassment to Singapore's limited filmography. Lessons not learnt, and I hope the third movie (yes there is one) coming out of the studio, goes through some serious quality control before hitting the theatres.

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