Sunday, August 06, 2006

See No Evil

Time to Feed My Pet

WWE (or WWF back then) stars are no strangers to taking that leap into the movie world, with legends like Hulk Hogan starring in B-movies like Suburban Commando and Thunder in Paradise, or more contemporary figures like The Rock starring in various action movies like Walking Tall and The Scorpion King. Not only the lead roles, but they take on smaller bit roles like Diesel's stint as The Russian in the Marvel comic book movie The Punisher.

Being a heroic or an evil character doesn't matter, as they entertain in the wrestling ring switching allegiances and trade karma like changing underwear, and since it's mostly action movies, the acting chops are not required, as their physical presence more than make up what's lacking, not that they don't do a lot of acting in ring though.

See No Evil stars WWE's Kane as a psychotic killer with a penchant for digging out the eyes of his victims. Some which you'd get to see on screen, some which the censors deem too graphic for an NC16 rated flick and left on the cutting room floor (better luck with M18 or R21 I'd say). Anyway from those scenes, it looked as if it's so easy to claw anyone's eye out (is it really?). So with his assortment of weapons like the axe, the hook and chain, or just his bare hands with brute strength befitting a 7 footer, he cuts one mean looking reject from the recent The Hills Have Eyes zombie character.

I hate to use a classic as a comparison, but suffice to say that the premise stinks of being a poor man's cousin of Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho filed with generous doses of MTV styled quick cuts. Instead of Bates motel, you have Blackwell Hotel, together with the suggestion that it is the all domineering and crazed mother whose warped upbringing nurtured humanity's monster. Taking yet another swipe at religious zealots too, as flashbacks show the young psycho kid being tortured by a mom who cages him and the punishment dished out for looking at porn (hence the title see no evil lah).

Packed into the movie are the various fodder for him to maim and kill. Character development, or at least the attempt in trying to weave in a tale of revenge, seem to be abandoned halfway, as characters start to drop off like barflies. It doesn't take you too long to realize who's on which side, and who'll survive (according to horror slasher flick lore that the blondie and those having sex must die) given the cliches. Starring relative unknowns as a bunch of inmates sent to the Hotel to perform cleaning fatigues, it's a pity that most of them were not given glorious cinematic deaths in a movie like this.

Perhaps with movies like Hills Have Eyes, the Saw franchise, and Hostel, we're all a bit jaded from the rehashed dark and dankly film sets and throwaway characters. There's nothing new presented in this movie, and is only made for Kane's fan base. Even then, with so little of their star seen in the flesh, they might as well be better off with his exploits in the wrestling ring.

Stay tuned until after the initial end credits roll for a cheeky scene, which absolutely will never happen in the ring against Kane.

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