Friday, August 18, 2006

The Angel's Presence

Maybe I'm dreaming, but sometimes things happen and you very much wish to kick yourself in the ass. Two seemingly separate items that will converge and deliver that knock out on your face.

Of late, my friends and I have been in discussions about a short film set on the MRT. Also, the webmaster also assigned an attendance/coverage of the Chai Lai Angels gala (opening film of the Sawadee Film Festival), to which I declined because I opted for Cine.SG's Passable instead. Moreover, I've already bought my tickets for Angels this Saturday as well.

Anyway, earlier this evening I was on board the MRT train coming from the east, and there was this girl who caught my eye. Actually, I'd bet she caught everyone's eye, because she was relatively tall, and had one of the most strikingly huge eyes and a smile that could melt the sternest of hearts. It was also peculiar that she was holding a bouquet of flowers, and a paper bag with another huge sunflower inside. She didn't look local, in an evening dress, and was alone. Strange if you ask me, cos surely I'd thought you would probably go in a cab if you're going for some cocktail party.

But I'm not complaining, though we had to part ways when I alighted at City Hall. And I thought nothing of it, until I saw this pic at as part of the coverage done by Richard.

I was in the presence of a Chai Lai Angel - Supaksorn Chaimongkol.
The one on the left, dressed in white.


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