Tuesday, August 08, 2006

My Super Ex-Girlfriend

Three's Always A Crowd

Look! Up in the Sky! It's a bird! No, it's a plane! No, it's G-Girl! New York City's newest superhero, with powers and origins adopted from Metropolis' Man of Steel. She can fly, has super-strength, can hear the frequency of a police radio, able to shoot beams from her eyes, looks like Uma Thurman... she's the ultimate hot babe any dude can ask for.

Unless of course, given her powers, she's also a tad insecure and can turn out to be any dude's worst nightmare with her clingy, needy nature. If Superman's alter-ego Clark Kent is mild mannered, G-Girl's equivalent in Jenny Johnson is the bespectacled arty type with a touch of neuroticism. It's basically a romance between her and an unlikely, fairly ordinary bloke Matt Saunders (Luke Wilson), who picked her up during a train ride with the encouragement of good friend Vaughn Haige (Rainn Wilson), and with a stroke of luck, managed to snag a date and more.

It's a fun movie about relationships, or the desperate lack thereof, and given it's reversal of super-being gender, provides a different perspective altogether. While the comedy's fun at certain points, with its load of sexual innuendos and situations (somehow it's almost always about sex), the movie felt like it went on autopilot, relying pretty much on its strong links to its adapted source material, right down to the parody of her weakness, You have that dastardly evil genius villain Professor Bedlam (Eddie Izzard), and many scenes taking a mickey out of the Superman movies.

It plays out similar to the earlier Ivan Reitman movies, like Ghostbusters and Evolution, kinda kinky, kind funny, formulaic and pretty much children friendly (despite the sexy bits). I thought that the cast had a pretty fun time doing the movie, with supporting characters like Anna Farris providing additional eye candy as the love rival. The special effects by Digital Domain were pretty nifty too, and I liked those swirly-bits when G-GIrl takes flight.

Don't bother too much about the uber-thin storyline, but just enjoy the ride right up until the quirky, amicable settling of outstanding issues. And if you really wanna try to look hard into it, it's a reminder to us guys that soon enough, women will rule the world, and we probably don't mind sitting back and enjoying that odd beer while they bring home the bacon.

Stay tuned after the animated end credits for an easter egg scene involving Vaughn and his apparent secret beneath his cool-cat demeanour.

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