Tuesday, August 23, 2005

[SFS Screening] Man with a Movie Camera

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This is a black and white Russian silent movie, made in 1929, which the director Dziga Vertov cites as an experimental film without intertitles (which are common for silent movies), or real actors.

It plays like a montage of city scenes and life, without a central plot or theme, or any protagonists. It's as random as it is, and the unifying element is perhaps the "Man with a Movie Camera" as he journeys in and around the various Russian cities to put together this film.

More like a sight-and-(orchestra) music extravaganza, not all will appreciate this film for what it is though. Many pioneer camera tricks and special effects feature in this film, which makes it very unique in its presentation style back in the early days of cinema, and even up till today.

For something different, really.

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