Monday, August 29, 2005

[Screen Singapore] Eric Khoo Night, Not

Went to the Arts House yesterday for the Eric Khoo night screening of Mee Pok Man and 12 Storeys, which I had actually watched earlier. Something took me by surprise at the entrance, I thought I was gonna get married:

I mean, what are the chances eh?

The bride and groom turned out to be an ang-moh couple. Wanted to take a picture of them as they neared the entrance, but their entourage don't look all too friendly - too many big sized ang-mohs with pony tails in mean looking suits, better not play play.

Anyway, to Stefan and Caroline, I wish ya both the best!

I was early though, and I thought everything was cool until some dudes decided to form a queue in front of the Screening Room. What gives? And soon enough, a relatively long line of people is formed.

My friend Overider arrived and congratulated me (eh!) and the good seats were already taken up. We sat along the aisle, but I thought it was strange that there were not reserved seats for Eric Khoo and his entourage (like Cleo Wong's).

I was showing Overider my new 12 Storeys Soundtrack (which I bought from MLR) and telling him I was going to get it autographed, when this announcement was made over the speakers: "Due to unforseen circumstances, we regret to inform that Eric Khoo will not be joining us at the Screening Room tonight".

You could literally hear the disasppointed sighs amongst the audience, some whom I guess were secretly harbouring the thought of getting a refund. I thought that most would be satisfied with a more detailed explanation other than "unforseen circumstances" anyhow.

Oh well, perhaps he's busy with the promotion of his upcoming film Be With Me. No matter, I'll get to see him tomorrow at the launch party.

*Fingers Crossed*

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