Wednesday, August 03, 2005

[Screen Singapore] Advice

Unfortunately, this entry isn't the review for Ring Of Fury, which I very much wanted to watch. When I reached The Arts House this evening to purchase tickets, I was told it was already Sold Out *faint*, since last Thursday! *double faint*

I should have seen it coming, given the widespread media coverage of Screen Singapore. So my advice is...

1. Purchase your tickets now, especially if you intend to catch films with special appearances (by directors, stars, etc), or premieres. Ring Of Fury satisfied both criteria, and I was also told the screening of 15 by Royston Tan on 11 Aug, was sold out too.

2. The Arts House only seats 75!!! Which means you'd better be early in getting your tickets. Given the hype and number of film fans in Singapore (yes, I assure you they outnumber 75), tickets are expected to be hard to get.

3. DBS Cardmembers have 15% off the ticket price of $8. I am a cardmember, but I don't use my card (for reasons known to myself), and I don't like to watch my movies on credit. So there.

Ah well, back to re-scheduling my plans for Screen Singapore. Good thing I managed to get my ticket for Special Agent Night: Cleopatra Wong, this Saturday.

Watch for my Screen Singapore reviews, akan datang in no particular order, and subject to availability of tickets, are Ring of Fury, Cleopatra Wong, Zombie Dogs, 12 Storeys, Mee Pok Man, Jefri Zain - Gerak Kilat, 15 and a host of other short films.

Send me an email if you'd like to join me yeah?

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