Sunday, August 07, 2005

[Screen Singapore] Lim Poh Huat

The title of this short film is the name of main character Lim Poh Huat. Some of you might have seen his photographs and interview with Sunday Times some months back, which was also featured in this film.

Poh Huat is a security guard, with a passion for acting. However, with his lack of looks (face it, it's reality), he only gets supporting roles or as an extra/cameo appearances in local television serials like Crimewatch and Frontline.

Besides acting, his hobbies are vast and varied, like donating blood and sperm - he's won a bronze award for blood donation you know? And dig this, the dude has also published a book called "Confessions of a Struggling Actor". How cool is that?

This is a mini documentary about a person with a simple outlook in life. He is comfortable with his lot, and that is what makes him happy and contended, despite his sparse lifestyle. Most of the footage features interviews with Poh Huat as he discusses about his life and work. It's not boring as he fills us in on little known facts, and his actions are comedic at times (like his kung fu practice at the rooftop of his workplace).

If anything, it is about optimism and about doing something in which you have the passion for. That's how life should be lived.

This short film will be screened together with Zombie Dogs (see other review), and the next screen times are

Alliance Francaise: 14 Aug 05 Sun 2130hrs (special appearance by the director Lee Wong and Lim Poh Huat himself)
Arts House: 20 Aug 05 Sat 1630hrs, 26 Aug 05 Fri 2130hrs

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