Saturday, August 27, 2005

Red Eye

If you've seen the trailer for Red Eye, it's one of the most misleading in recent times. It started off with serendipity romantic type moments of boy meets girl at the airport, then meet each other again at the airport lounge, and yet again they find themselves seated side by side on the aircraft. Until Cillian Murphy's eye goes red, and the trailer ends.

You think it's horror, or something to do with air-rage, or an airline hijack. How terribly wrong. Wes Craven, of Elm Street and Scream fame, weaves together an intriguing story of personal terror and a fight for survival.

Rachel McAdams (last seen in Wedding Crashers) is Lisa Reisert, a hotel manager who bumps into Jackson Rippner, played by Cillian Murphy (last seen in Batman Begins, who seemed to have migrated his Jonathan Crane persona over) at the airport. While everything might seem lovey dovey and nice, it's when Rippner starts to reveal his true intentions that will leave you at the edge of your seat.

The plot might be simple enough, but under Craven's masterful vision, he manages to engage the audience throughout the relatively short 80 minutes with adequate set pieces, most of which happens on the Fresh Air airliner, and the main leads of the movie were convincing enough in their roles. The supporting casts are forgettable with no real characterization, only there to facilitate the plot with specific roles when called upon for.

Perhaps the only flaw of the movie is the long drawn out finale, which, while exciting, seemed a bit too long to make it plausible. But nonetheless, if you're up for some thrills, Red Eye will suit your taste.

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