Wednesday, August 17, 2005

[Screen Singapore] The Premiere of Perth

Thanks to my friend AT for obtaining a ticket for me, he commented that this is his first "paid premiere". While the Screen Singapore booklet stated that the Perth Premiere is by invitation only, it turned out that they got tickets on sale for the event too.

But alas, in my opinion, it was a bit chaotic at the lobby of the Alliance Francais before the show began, 1/2 an hour late, threatening to eat into the showtime for another run of They Called Her... Cleopatra Wong. I didn't realize that I got to get a seat number (it says "Free Seating" on the ticket), and noticed a lot of irate and blur patrons, some queuing to collect their ticket, and others, like me, queuing to get a seat number.

As I learnt from the usher, it's because those who were invited were given assigned seats, and of course, those who paid for the ticket aren't allowed to gatecrash into those choice seats, right? AT got a seat at the aisle, first row (!), and I, the opposite aisle, second row. It's lucky that the screen was recessed quite a distance on stage, so we needn't crane our necks.

The organizer Raphael quipped that sponsors sometimes don't turn up, and therefore the choice seats were available for those who wished to move into them. Too bad I was sandwiched between two other folks, and had to make do with what I had. But lucky for AT, the cast and crew were called up to give a short speech (well, only director Djinn and lead actor Lim Kay Tong did, after some persuasion), and were standing right in front of him. Good opportunity for pics though, and from where I was seated, the angle would not provide a decent shot anyway.

After the usual kudos and thank yous, the show started and ended with a short applause. Naturally, the lobby was crowded with many headed for the reception (read: food, catered from Nouvelle). I was looking around for Mr Lim to get my autograph and pic.

A lady went up to him to autograph the Perth poster (they were giving a lot of them away), and wow, would you have guessed even Cleopatra Wong was there to take a photo with him (I wouldn't dare cross Cleo's path, in case I kana smack-downed by her... :-)

Congratulated Mr Lim on his wonderful performance, and requested for an autograph, which he obliged and asked who should he make it out to:

Lim Kay Tong

and a picture (I look like a bloody alien)

Lim Kay Tong as Harry Lee

You'd never guess that the above picture was taken by local actor Gerald Chew, who gladly offered to help me when I didn't manage to find someone to do so at that moment. Thanks Gerald! Though I reckon we were worried when someone bumped into you the minute you snapped the picture :-)

Djinn was extremely busy that day, so I didn't manage to sneak an autograph. Instead I picked up one of the many leftover posters and as it was getting late, left Alliance Francaise, but when I got home, lo and behold!

Perth Poster

An already autographed poster by Djinn! Alrighty, my evening was made! :-)

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