Friday, August 05, 2005

[Screen Singapore] Moveable Feast

Who would have thought that this 1996 short film directed by Sandi Tan would begin my venture into Screen Singapore. And it didn't help that it featured gastronomical food when I hadn't had my dinner prior to the screening.

Narrated by a teenage boy, he brings us through to the various sights, sounds and characters ranging from a coffeeshop, to a Chinese wedding dinner in a traditional Chinese restaurant.

Sprinkled with a generous dose of comedy, this filmlet will touch you in many ways. The bustling scene of the coffeeshop captured its essence, and the wedding dinner scene will surely be familiar territory to those who have attended one before. My only gripe with it will be the tacky narrative, but the sight of food will set to satisfy.

This short film will be screened together with Eating Air (see other review), and the next screen times are

Arts House: 13 Aug 05 Sat 1630hrs, 19 Aug 05 Fri 2130hrs

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