Wednesday, June 01, 2005

xXx2 Freebies

Can't remember when I joined the Sony PlanetMG contest (can't even recall the details!), but I got a pleasant surprise today when I saw a package sitting at my desk when I came home.

Opened it up, and read through the Congratulatory letter. WOOHOO!

Got for myself a xXx2 black T-shirt and a xXx2 red wristband. Still haven't figured out how to post pictures yet, so a description should suffice: T-shirt has the xXx2 logo emblazoned in red, with the subtitle "The Next Level" beneath the logo, though I thought "State of the Union" might be nicer. So it goes into my collection of black movie tees: The Matrix Revolutions (the coolest) and I, Robot are those that I have gotten for free.

The red wristband? I gave it to mom :P

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