Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Mr and Mrs Smith

Nevermind the tabloids, this show is a must watch to see exactly how sizzling the chemistry is between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. And it's no surprise that Hollywood's sexiest couple wraps the entire show in their sensuality.

Brad Pitt is John Smith (a very generic name which was the highlight of a joke), construction foreman in the day, top killer at the side. Angelina Jolie is Jane Smith (again very generic), IT company CEO as a front, top assassin extraodinaire. Mr and Mrs Smith, living in suburbia New York, to everyone, a perfect marriage (and in my opinion, they do look good together)

This film takes a very successful and insightful look into relationships, courtship and marriage, albeit with a sprinkle of well timed humour. It's a joy to watch them showcase typical marriage problems (the film starts off with things not going too well after a very successful courtship) like the lack of communication, the petty arguments, the little deceitful secrets, and always, always accidents which somehow come across as deliberate actions. And when things get out of hand, who do they run off to for solace? Why, their best buddies of course! It's these situations that you can connect to in real life, that sets this show apart from your usual action flick.

They argue, they fight, especially when they find out that they work for rival assassin companies. From guns to knives to fist fights, the action is top class - always something different, always surprises around the corner. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and each time Jolie hits the roof, she's never short of bringing down the house!

Vince Vaughn shines as Pitt's sidekick Eddie, with his off the cuff remarks. And the film takes a subtle dig at one of Vince's earlier film Psycho, with his character living in solitude with his mom, whom we never see on screen. Fans of the TV Series OC will probably celebrate at Adam Brody's short appearance.

Before you groan at the action pieces (too many guns, too many chases, etc), let me assure you it's refreshing - not only you get to see the very attractive leads in action (yes, Jolie did the leap-off-the-building stunt herself), but the marital / relationship bickering thrown in for good measure worked buckets. It is with this ingredient (heck, I'm getting all homely now) that makes the highway chase here a tad more entertaining than the one in The Matrix Reloaded. And the finale shootout will make even John Woo extremely proud - sweet poetry in motion.

Ah, and the trailers don't give away everything (or anything for that matter), so it's a joy to watch when your thoughts get pulled from under (say, didn't the trailer suggest this, or was it that?) Never mind the trailer, watch this movie for what it is - rip roaring action, identifiable life experiences, and the sexy Angelina Jolie!

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