Thursday, June 16, 2005

An Evening with Lucie Silvas

Lucie Silvas is touted as the next big thing in the UK music scene, and it was little wonder why, given the opportunity to attend an exclusive private showcase at the DXO yesterday evening, courtesy of a British Council contest.

I had actually bought her album CD "Breathe In" and listened to it for some time now, thought that it would otherwise be weird to listen to someone sing without knowing any of her songs. And she sounds like Jewel, so it ain't that bad actually.

Arrived early at the Esplanade, but since the doors aren't opened (late as usual), I settled for a bowl of fishball mee, while keeping my eye on the queue to make sure it ain't getting too long. As with queues, even those who are not invited / clueless tend to ask you: "eh, you queue for what ah?"

The wait was long, and as with all concerts, the wait was actually longer than the actual performance. I had plans to have my CD autographed, and spent the waiting time formulating how and where to get it, given her expected appearance to perform at the piano set up on stage.

When she finally did appear and perform, wow. She was petite, but gorgeous. Radio hits like Breath In was done the acoustic way, and she performed the interesting rendition of Metallica's Nothing Else Matters, which is also on the album. When I entered the club, I had 2 choices - take a seat right in front of the stage, or stand around near enough to move to the groove, and of course, being mobile, getting an autograph should be easy-peasy. Of course I decided on the latter, can't be a stiff during concerts yeah?

The audience was surprised (hear the gasps) when she announced that her sixth song will be the final for the night. And so I set myself up for my plan once she walked off the stage

Damn! Someone actually beat me to it by asking her to sign not one, but two autographs on the cardboard invite. Hmm.. at least have the decency to sign on something that's not free lah. I was a bit perturbed as with all signings, time is of the essence. One or two, and they're off to safe haven.

So once Mr Interrupt left, I presented my CD (her album) for an autograph, and I could tell she was pleased (hey, I paid for it leh, of which some amount of moolah must go to her pocket no?)

Lucie ready to autograph: "What's your name?"
So I gave her my name. But slight hesitation as she wasn't sure of the spelling, and so I spelt it out for her in the noisy club. Couple of hand movements later, I got back the CD, beaming, before some other lass asked for an autograph (again on the cheap cardboard invite) and a photograph (I didn't have my camera with me).

So now, I'm a proud owner of a personalized autographed Lucie Silvas CD which reads "To my-name, Love, Lucie Silvas"

I'll be following her career from now - a fan boy is made! :-)

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