Saturday, June 11, 2005

Batman Begins: Music from the Motion Picture

Yeah, occassionally I do movie soundtracks as well, though not as detailed. Music touches the heart, and it's tough to describe mine.

Bought the Batman Begins soundtrack from HMV today, set me back by S$18.95.

At first glance, I can't understand the tracks, which are titled

  1. Vespertilio
  2. Eptesicus
  3. Myotis
  4. Barbastella
  5. Artibeus
  6. Tadarida
  7. Macrotus
  8. Antrozous
  9. Nycteris
  10. Molossus
  11. Corynorhinus
  12. Lasiurus

Definitely no spoilers there, unlike those in the Star Wars Prequel (eg. Episode I's soundtrack explicitly stated Qui-Gon Jinn's demise)

Anyway, no fret, as I got help from, which deciphered the above tracks as

  1. \Ves`per*til"i*o\, n. [L., a bat.] (Zo["o]l.) A genus of bats including some of the common small insectivorous species of North America and Europe.
  2. n : a genus of Vespertilionidae
  3. n : largest and most widely distributed genus of bats
  4. err... no such word leh
  5. also no such word
  6. n : freetail bats
  7. n : large-eared grayish bat of southern California and northwestern Mexico
  8. n : a genus of Vespertilionidae
  9. no such word too
  10. \Mo*los"sus\, n. [L., fr. Gr. ?, prop., Molossian, belonging to the Molossians, a people in the eastern part of Epirus.] (Gr. & Lat. Pros.) A foot of three long syllables.
  11. no such word
  12. n : a genus of Vespertilionidae

Hmm... doesn't help much, except to suggest that it's all batty! Listening to it the first time, well, it ain't as friendly to the ear as Danny Elfman's track. Then again, they needed 2 composers (Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard) to top what he had done.

You can identify certain pieces that were used in the trailers, but I guess it's best to pick up the sounds when put into its right context when you see the film.

Can't wait! I'll probably have something to say again once I've watched the film. Will include it in my review then!

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