Saturday, June 25, 2005

Good Karma, Or Not

Yesterday night marked my first foray into the screenings of Singapore's inaugural Fantastic Film Fest organized by the Singapore Film Society.

I was nearly late for the screening of "9 Souls" as I was meeting up with the folks from, and had an enjoyable time with them talking about, what else, movies!

Got my tickets at the GV Marina box office, but not without the usual encountering of clueless queue folks who can never decide what to watch, even when it's their turn at the counter. I mean, just take a pick from the offerings (it's easy you know, just state film name, time, how many tickets and seating preference), not as if you've watched everything there is to offer already.

SFS set up a small booth and the organizers were promoting the fest through pretty brochures (very nice, full coloured, and FREE, what else is there to demand?). Hung around and was told that there is a lucky draw for the "9 Souls" screening (actually knew that fact already from a mailing list, but I wanted to recce the poster quality). Hmm... need to drop the ticket stub into the draw box, but I need the ticket to get into the theatre though... and if later some big burly ah beng say I am sitting on his seat, how to dispute?

So I was rather surprised when 2 ladies went into the theatre prior to the start of the film, with the draw box and announed that 4 "9 Souls" posters were up for grabs. They also announced that someone sitting at the middle of the theatre was quite cute, but when I looked around, can't see very well due to the dimmed lights.

Anyway, I offered my pen to them, so that those in the audience who wished to take part in the draw can do so. Partly to gain some karma points for the draw.

But till now, no news. Perhaps some other in the audience who used my pen to fill up his/her details got the poster.

In any case, the F3 Triple Whammy (my term for it) is in akan datang mode, gonna watch Kontroll, Return to the 36th Chamber and Robot Stories today.

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