Thursday, June 23, 2005

Full House, Or Not?

Nearly missed the Initial D premiere today.

Popped by one theatre chain, 10 minutes before showtime, and they announced over the PA system that the 715pm show was sold out. The queue was long too, and many start dropping out.

Unfazed, I popped by another theatre chain next door, with 5 mins to spare. However, looking at the "Ticket Availability" screen, again it showed "Full House", and a long queue aheard of me. Well, since I'm already in the queue, might as well go all the way to the box office.

Me: One Ticket for Initial D 715pm....
Box Office Auntie: Initial D ah? Sold out sold out!!
Me: ... for one...
Box Office Auntie: Ah? For one ah? Have! One ticket velli difficult to sell, 2nd row from behind, you want?
Me: Sure
Box Office Auntie: You know hor, so many single seats everywhere, very diffifcult to sell leh...
Me: Guess I must be lucky

Center-aisle seat somemore, good for leg stretching.

Which makes you wonder, if there are spare seats available, even though it's single and scattered around, what's with the "Full House" indicator? And I wonder if the situation was similar for the first theatre chain.

Hmm... moral of the story, watch "hot" movies alone on opening evenings?

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