Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Shaw Preview Theatre

I did not know that this Preview Theatre at Shaw Center existed. It's not one of the Lido theatres at the next building, but this one's on the 13th Level of the office tower, tucked away in a corner opposite what looked like the admin office (been there once to claim some prize)

For those who are curious, here's how to get there:

The Shaw Preview Theatre is accessible by any of the six lifts beside MacDonald's (Near Isetan) at Shaw Center, Scotts Road.

What caught my eye when I first entered wasn't the screen, which was curved like the Prince 1 theatre, or the ambience that looked like a mini theatre of your own that can seat about 50. It's the red leather seats. Comfy, but upon closer inspection, looks like most have been vandalized by age - you can see tears and holes. Makes you wonder.

Alas, there is no free flow popcorn or softdrinks :-)
And my peeve was the projectionist decided to pull off the film reel when the end credits were still running halfway (gee, I know it's late, but I thought it's the norm to let the film run to its entirety, including the credits?)

*Shrug* But if given a chance, I would like to be invited back again for subsequent previews.

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