Monday, June 06, 2011

[ScreenSingapore Red Carpet] Japan Night - Aya Omasa and May'n

Each night's gala during Screen Singapore is themed, and today's Japan Night, where actress Aya Omasa and singer May'n's presence on the red carpet meant plenty of cosplayers turning up to catch a glimpse of the stars, and going by the response it's no surprise which amongst the two lasses have garnered a more fanatical following. Chua En Lai was the Master of Ceremony for the evening taking his time to banter with May'n's supporters who have lined up pretty close to the stage:

But first to walk the carpet was Aya Omasa

who had posed with the colourful group of cosplayers dressed to the nines, adopting the look of their favourite anime characters.

Aya Omasa

But the real deal was of course May'n's presence

which set the crowd going wild as they cheered, applauded and sang along to 2 songs performed by May'n, who had also performed in Singapore over the weekend as part of her Asia Tour 2011.

May'n Performing Diamond Crevasse

May'n Performing Phonic Nation

Some of the lucky ones had tickets to the gala screenings of Paradise Kiss and May'n the Movie - Phonic Nation to catch the stars introducing their respective films. I had initially opted to attend the screening of May'n's concert documentary in 3D, but then decided to opt for Paradise Kiss instead. Turned out to be somewhat a blessing in disguise, as a tweet I read had mentioned that the subtitles for May'n's movie were delayed - I would have been irritated and that would've marred the experience of any non-Japanese speaking audience member.

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