Sunday, June 05, 2011

[ScreenSingapore Red Carpet Gala Premiere] Mural (画壁) Trailer Premiere

In Random Order: Director Gordon Chan, Producer Abe Kwong Man-Wai, and stars Yan Ni, Colin Chou, Liu Yan, Zheng Shuang, Xie Nan and Bao Bei-Er

You know that Murphy will pop his ugly head just when you least expected it, and he made a grand entrance with a hiccup at the very first reel unspooled in Screen Singapore's very first projected screening in front of an audience, seconds into the teaser trailer of Mural (画壁) the lights came on and piped music interrupted, a quick blush of embarrassment as a hasty though effective announcement got made, the technicalities got fixed, and for a re-screening to occur, all done without much batting of an eyelid.

But the teaser trailer didn't say much and left one wanting more, featuring an extremely gorgeous animated sequence for the most parts, telling the story of a scholar meeting up with what would be a very nasty swordsman (bearing some resemblance to Collin Chou), where their fight/flight led them to an old temple containing the titular magic mural. This opens up to a live action sequence where many fairies stood by, probably in awe, at a well rendered CG winged demon with multiple eyes, all ready to do battle, before the teaser ended all too quickly. At least you'd know where the reported budget of $13 million had gone.

LtoR: Me, Gordon Chan, Richard Lim Jr of FilmsBlitz

According to Director Gordon Chan - that animated sequence featured in the trailer was done by a 25 year old illustrator. Now how's that for young talent? Hopefully that portion (and more!) makes it to the movie proper in some form, or if there are ideas floating around for an animated series of sorts, since it is Liao Zhai, a collection of almost five hundred tales written by Pu Songling, you know?

Watch out for Mural (画壁) in the later half of this year!

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