Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Help Fund Ramuan Rahasia!

And realize a true blue Singapore Malay movie that has not been made in possibly 40(!) years!

This is the time, people.

Written and directed by the award-winning freelance television director and producer Sanif Olek, this is an appeal for funding to complete the still-in-progress feature film, Ramuan Rahasia [loosely translated, the Elusive Ingredient]. 60% of the film has been shot, but has abruptly stalled since late 2009 due to insufficient funds. As the filmmaker puts it, "the film doesn't only entertain, your monetary contributions support the documentation of a cultural collage unique to Southeast Asia."

You can read more about the appeal here and here.

There's a fund raising concert on 19 June entitled KONSERT RAMUAN which is a music festival that brings together various international and local-based Singaporean artistes, performing in solidarity to raise funds for the film. There's also going to be a flea market on site too!

Hit this link for more details and ticketing information.

And there's more!

You have probably read about Sanif Olek's acclaimed short films collectively known as the LOVE Trilogy comprising Lost Sole, A La Folie and Ameen, and now this DVD collection will be exclusively sold during KONSERT RAMUAN, so making a trip down to that event kills three birds with one stone - getting your copy of the short films, have a rocking good time grooving to the music, and contributing some funds to the completion of the feature!

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