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[ScreenSingapore In Conversation Series] Jon Landau & Yu Dong: Defining a Business Case for 3D Film in Asia

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Here's the synopsis:
After approximately 60 local movies, film makers in Asia have discovered all the pitfalls and added costs of making 3-D. But they seem slower to discover the extra dimensions from a business point of view. Two leading producers – Jon Landau one of the makers of Avatar, and Yu Dong who is currently producing Flying Swords of Dragon Inn – discuss what it will take to get Asia to the 3-D tipping point.

1052 Jon Landau invites Yu Dong to the USA. Session ends.

1050 China leading the way with fastest growth in 3D screens. In USA more than 50% of the screens will be 3D capable by end of the year. 40000 3D capable screens worldwide by year's end - Jon Landau

1045 Not sure why a question has come out whether story is paramount to a film. But of course. 3D is only but a medium. Scary thought though, the one who posed the question wants to make a war movie. Adolf Hitler (as he had let out) in 3D anyone?

1044 Classic Chinese tales and folklore, definitely rich for 3D film content - Yu Dong

1035 First question in Mandarin for Yu Dong. Importance on need to train necessary production craftsmen now that the infrastructure is in place.

1033 Truthful in advertising a 3D film, especially those that are converted in post. Will we get there?

1032 Content Standard on 3D. Hear hear

1030 Question on shoddy 3D productions. Jon: Choosing to do aa movie in 3D has to come from the filmmakers. Too many times the studios are imposing it on the filmmakers. Not to force it on them. Good.

1026 Question from Kenneth Tan, MDA. Jon shared James Cameron's first experience in 3D was for Universal Studios. Advice shared to bring in crew several months in advance and do a one day shoot, i.e. play with the technology

1025 Big screen TVs sales driven by 3D technology according to Jon Landau. Agree?

1024 Session opens up to the floor. FilmBizAsia brings up reports about less than stellar box office for recent 3D films

1022 Moderator knows his 3D soft porn. Brings up South Korean 3D erotica Natali

1020 Challenge thrown - 3D glassses to be made as an added value rather than a deterrent. Will a solution be found soon before glasses-less technology gets matured

1020 Best advice on 3D filmmaking - Go ahead and do it, nothing like first hand experience. Don't do it too much, less is more. Pick the moments where it's about 3D, use it judiciously in other scenes. Someday we will get to glasses-less 3D - Jon Landau

1014 Will Asian 3D films find a ready market outside of Asia? What do you think? Will Tsui Hark + Jet Li + 3D = a solid proposition in the North American market?

1011 Flying Swords of Dragon Inn will also spawn MMORPG game which will be in 3D as well. Reminds me of Reign of Assassins which should have a game too. Anyone with any updates on that?

1008 Moderator: 40fps / 60fps 3D film projection, both sides of the brain will be used? Jon Landau confirms next 2 Avatar films will be shot at higher frame rate.

1005 Advertisements in 3D. Interesting. 3D beyond films, how about Education in making content more engaging, assisting in information retention?

1002 Do you think that with 3D going into the homes, that 3D will become expected and a standard?

1000 Anything new, people will jump on as a gimmick. Widescreen was a gimmick and so was colour - Jon Landau

1000 Controlling 3D space important. Don't let audiences eye wander to spaces uncomfortable to watch it in 3D - Jon Landau

0955 Yu Dong: Not all genres required 3D, such as romance, where audiences are there for the stars and story, as compared to action sequences that enhances the immersion experience.

0952 "3D is not an excuse to make a movie" - Jon Landau

0953 Sex and Zen 3D just HAD to be brought up :-)

0951 I don't quite agree that 3D will become the de-facto exhibition format in various medium though

0950 Important point brought up, that 3D films automatically occupies larger halls in the multiplex, with Asian films being pushed to mid ranged halls. But of course Asian film contaent in 3D hasn't caught up yet

0946 Seems like Avatar has indeed become the benchmark in showcasing potential of 3D film production and exhibition

0943 Yu Dong shares on the explosion of cinema screens in China in the last 10 years, with more on the horizon in the next 5 years; single screens venues making way for multiplexes

0940 Do you agree with Jon that 3D cinema is not evolutionary, but definitive?

0932 Not sure why the moderator is adamant on trying to put a fixed, absolute cost mark up on 3D productions. Jon Landau explains costs differential are mostly on camera equipment.

0931 Avatar edited in 2D, didn't see the 3D version until 2 weeks before it came out. Post production wasn't slowed down. Camera convergence on subject of focus important

0929 Yu Dong shares that Wuxia films are made for 3D, especially those from director Tsui Hark

0927 "3D is right for Asia and Asia is right for 3D" - Jon Landau. "3D engages the audience more in the narrative story"

0924 In Conversation series officially begins. Jon Landau and Yu Dong invited on stage

0923 Shekhar Kapur spotted. Session yet to begin

0920 Session to begin shortly, so if you're late, double up :-)

0915 Jon Landau in the house

0900 Checked in and ready to begin. Lots of student attendees too at the first In Conversation Series with Jon Landau and Yu Dong #ScreenSingapore

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