Wednesday, June 08, 2011


On its official website,
Expo@ScreenSingapore is where international buyers, sellers and producers will trade content, ideas expertise and entertainment technology in a vibrant market place situated in the heart of Asia.

Expo@ScreenSingapore is a trade exhibition to provide a marketing platform, networking opportunities for suppliers, service providers, buyers and entertainment media professionals as well as cinema operators to discover business opportunities, partnerships and to be engaged in themed debates.

I probably can't qualify to comment much since I still haven't attended a significant number of film marts in the circuit out there outside of Hong Kong's and Tokyo's, but I suppose the pictures here will tell a thousand words that some buzz is quite missing. That doesn't mean that no deals got struck during the event though. Perhaps it's because it's the first time such an event is organized here, so I guess the only way to go, is up.

That is not to say that there weren't much available, as there were opportunities to speak to people and find out more about the films they were marketing (such as The Genius of Beauty) and get acquainted with some potential films on the horizon, such as James Leong's Camera and to pick up back issues of print editions of Film Business Asia.

Fortissimo Films

Hyde Park Entertainment

Arclight Films

Distribution Workshop

For Tourists

Publishing Street

Technology Street with Various 3D Technologies on Showcase

and of course not to forget to visit the Media Board for the Various Festival Perspectives

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