Sunday, April 06, 2008

[SIFF08] Musings - Day Two

1. I'm beginning to get into the groove of all the community bonding here at the SIFF. First up, Wisekwai of Kwai's Thai Film Journal. You can read about his first experiences of visiting our city state, as well as the lowdown on some of the films he caught from the SIFF here. A pity he's only here for the weekend!

2. Met up with Nicholas Chee of All round nice guy, who's truly passionate about moving the local film industry forward. I'll not repeat what was discussed here, but I truly hope his plans do get to be implemented! And they ARE interesting plans! Caught up with David from too. I suppose the Sinema Old School crew are out in full force given the Singapore Panorama screenings are played there, so please do feel free to walk up to them and say Hi!

3. And grab a kickass t-shirt like mine when you're at the gift shop too, along with other local film memorabilia. I thought this T-shirt was uber-cool, an equivalent of the "I Love NY" type of tees, although the reason why I chose to wear this was manyfold - my first all day movie-watching at Sinema Old School, watching all the local movies, and the way the Tee had two male lions locking lips, has some thematic significance to one of the movies screened too ha!

4. Another reason to visit the Sinema gift shop - it's a great place to get your body temperature down again after scaling 136 steps. Air conditioning never felt this good!

5. And while you're at it, sign up to be a Sinemaniac member, or get your very own Sinema Showoff card! Did I already mention that the Sinema Old School gift shop probably is now gonna be one of my favourite hang outs? The television screen there is unbelievable as well, and the buzz at the location during the festival, totally awesome. Spend time to mingle around before your screening at Old School, and if you don't have a screening there, find an excuse, any excuse, to make it up the hill!

6. Exclusive look at an upcoming movie by Originasian Pictures! Here's a teaser, and do keep a look out for it in 5 months time!

7. I guess with watching the SIFF trailers repeatedly, you tend to nitpick or two...

I thought it should be either "Every moment lies a story", or "A story lies in every moment", rather than "In every moment lies a story"? Any English language experts around?

8. Still on the SIFF commercials, the Citibank one starring Lim Kay Tong, the crowd behind Geoffrey Malone who plays the priest, shifts in their standing locations.

9. Still on the SIFF commercials, if Yeo Yann Yann was playing herself, shouldn't the Citi credit card read "Yeo Yann Yann" instead of "Leslie Kwan"? Whose card was she using ah? :-P

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