Monday, April 07, 2008

[SIFF08] Musings - Day Three

1. I found out my threshold. With almost 2 movies watched every weekday night, which brings me back home incredibly late, I can only afford whatever remaining time I have the same night (or should I say morning) to do only two of the following: reviews (feature or short), Q&A session after some screenings, the wrapping up or initiation of an interview. Time is not enough! And of course, there's only so much that one man can do. So I'll have to survive with all the "akan datang" place holders temporarily put on the blog (as you see them when you scroll down) and hope to find time in between screenings to finish them all! Do check back!

2. I guess the ushers have got to be careful about the ratings of each screening. The tricky ones will be when 2 movies are screened at the same time (short and feature), and the one with the higher rating gets screened first. I was surprised on two occasions when children came into the hall wanting a head start in life :-P but were of course later on escorted out of the hall and readmitted back again after the corruptible bits were shown. It's always easier to stop them at the door, than to hunt them down later, in the dark, and usher them out!

3. My first brush with a disrespectful section of the audience - those that come in groups and can't decide where to sit as a group in a free seating arena, and make so much noise in "chope-ing" of seats. Anyway, nobody forced you to sit through the Q&A, so please, if you're not interested, could you leave the hall quietly, instead of chit-chatting about who's hot and who's not, whether you fed your cat, and whether you should drink Coke or Pepsi. Frankly, nobody cares, and given it's a small hall, we can all hear you ok? Shhhh.....

4. Jeremy Sing's and my first Singapore Panorama Cross Talk, on Lucky 7! Click on the logo below to go over to Jeremy's site to read what we have to banter about. A word of caution though, it's filled with spoilers! In any case I'm too lazy to reproduce it in full here, but head over to his site, as there will be exclusive stills from the movie to gawk at too!

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