Thursday, April 10, 2008

[SIFF08] Musings - Day Six

1. The review backlog is piling up.... check back for updates ya?

2. A temporary blackout occurred at Sinema Old School. Thankfully it was during the trailer run of the 21st SIFF (in which I can already memorize the order of filmmaker appearance, backwards!), so the audience's experience of the movie wasn't marred. Good that they decided to forgo more ads so that the runtime could be kept to within the allocated slot. A little bird told me it was due to a wet plug being put into a socket at the bar downstairs. Electricity and Water cannot mix, ok?

3. Discovered that you can borrow umbrellas located just outside the Sinema Old School gift shop, for you to hike up to the second floor where the auditorium is, though you have to deposit it outside so that staffers can bring them down again for other folks to use.

4. Having 2 screenings at the same venue rocks! No more doublequicktimeforcedmarchesorruns to get yourself from venue to venue, especially when technical glitches or extended Q&As just chew up time.

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