Saturday, April 12, 2008

[SIFF08] Musings - Day Eight

1. So marks the end of my SIFF season this year, although the festival only closes on Apr 14. It's been hectic, but it's been a blast. I'd probably need to load up on the mainstream flicks to strike some balance.

2. There might still be some SIFF related blog postings coming up (eg. interviews that I didn't manage to get done on time), so do watch out for those if they get published.

3. Best Singapore Panorama Narrative Film: 18 Grams of Love. Best Singapore Panorama Documentary: Homeless FC

4. Singapore Panorama Cross Talk continues with Jeremy Sing's and my banter on Keronchong for Pak Bakar. Click on the logo to get to Jeremy's blog for it.

5. Last but not least, The SIFF Singapore Filmmakers Interview Series

Kan Lume, Writer-Director of Dreams From The Third World
HAN Yew Kwang, Writer-Director of 18 Grams of Love
ENG Yee Peng, Director of Diminishing Memories II
Sherman ONG, Screenwriter-Director of Hashi
James LEONG and Lynn LEE, Directors of Homeless FC
Lionel CHOK, Producer of To Speak
Harman HUSSIN, Director of Road to Mecca

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