Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Shortest Man In The Village Who Can Soar Like An Eagle

Why are there no pro-cyclists from Kenya?

I think many of you would already know I am unabashedly a fan of documentaries churned out by LIANAIN FILMS, and that the dynamic duo of James Leong and Lynn Lee continue on their fantastical journey around the world to bring us sights unseen, and more importantly, telling very touching, human stories. From their lens, I've seen forgiveness in Timor Leste, witnessed the clearing of land mines in Cambodia, and attended a world cup event for homeless people from Hong Kong, which is my choice for local documentary film of the year to date.

The teaser for their new documentary - The Shortest Man In The Village Who Can Soar Like An Eagle - is already up on YouTube, and you can view it above. A clip tells more than the words I can use to describe it.

I cannot wait to see the film already! However it's still a work in progress, and we can follow the filmmakers' adventures first hand from their blog entries here.

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