Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Reel Revolution 2008

I know I have been a bit slow with the plugging of this event, but IPT takes its toil on one's aging body. Anyway I digress.

A film mentorship programme by The Substation's Moving Images, Reel Revolution runs from 4th July to 30th August, and this year's theme is "Our Environment". Reel Revolution is a youth filmmaking mentorship programme that centers around social issues, and the introductory seminar starts this Friday. So if you have a burning issue related to the theme, or just curious enough to want to participate and sit in the events, you know what to do!

All the dates you need to know for the festival look like this:

4 July, 7pm - 9pm, The Substation Theatre - Introductory Seminar
7 July, noon - Mentorship/Competition Application Deadline
12 July, 730pm - 1030pm, The Substation Theatre - Learning Talks 1
19 July, 730pm - 1030pm, The Glass Hall, SAM - Learning Talks 2
9 & 10 August, Various - First Cut Consultation (for teams)
15 August, noon - Video Submission (for teams)
30 August, 730pm - 1030pm, The Glass Hall, SAM - Reel Revolution Powwow
1 September - 30 September, Various - Immersion Workshop

Filmmaking mentors for the programme include Jeremy Sing, Kelvin Sng, Eng Yee Peng, Kenny Tan, Ric Aw, Eric Lim and Jasmine Ng. Speakers for the seminar series will be no strangers too, with the likes of mrbrown, Gerald Giam, Alex Au and Nominated MP Siew Kum Hong, amongst others.

And of course, now comes the best part: Admission to all events are free and open to the public but because places are limited, you're to RSVP your attendance. Oh, in case you don't already know, Tan Pin Pin says that The Substation Theatre got new aircon, ok? :-)

Click here for the Reel Revolution official website to find out more!

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