Friday, July 11, 2008

Money No Enough 2 Trailers

I guess most of you would have laughed at Mark Lee and Henry Thia's antics at the cinemas with their Money No Enough 2 reminders to turn off your cell phones. So what does Money No Enough 2, the pseudo-sequel to the local box office champion, Money No Enough, look like?

From the trailer, it seems that Jack has continued with collaborating with talents up north, and has a number of computer based effects to bring to us... Formula 1!!! As well as to stage a mass street march protest! But what's still undeniably Neo's style, is the inclusion of the coffeeshop talk, literally!

Teaser/TV Spot:

Tell you the truth, I can't wait to watch this, trusting that Jack Neo will once again have his movie touch upon a fair share of contemporary local issues like our recent obsession with increasing cost of living, as well as some veiled jabs at the you-know-whos.

Money No Enough 2 debuts on 31 July 2008! Mark it on your calendar!

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