Thursday, July 10, 2008

Directing Asia Presents: John Woo & The Battle of Red Cliff

The National Library Board managed to take some time off director John Woo's busy one day schedule in Singapore to promote his latest movie Red Cliff, and got him to give a talk at The Pod.

Just a little bit of Trivia about the venue - John Woo's Paycheck had in its climatic scene, a battle between Ben Affleck and Aaron Eckhart taking place in a lab with a supercomputer that can predict the future. In Bollywood's Krrish, which was shot in Singapore, they too erm, adapted that bit of the storyline, with a finale set that seemed a complete ripoff homage to John's movie. And the location of the lair in Krrish was none other than an amalgamation of The Esplanade, and you guessed it, The Pod, where the main baddie's office with a view was probably exactly where John was sitting on stage.

Here's John!

I have a total of 10 video clips covering the entire talk, and most of the Q&A, so check back again once I painstakingly manage to upload them byte by byte. The talk was in Mandarin, and if I have time I'll try (note the keyword here) to translate this in English.

Clip 2 of 10

Clip 3 of 10

Clip 4 of 10

Clip 5 of 10

Clip 6 of 10

Clip 7 of 10

Clip 9 of 10

Clip 10 of 10 has a feature write up on the press conference held earlier in the day, together with pictures taken from the event. You can access the article page by clicking on the logo below:


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