Monday, July 14, 2008

Prom Night

Who's Prom King and Queen?

This movie was slipping off the release radar, and after watching it, I thought it would make better sense for this stinker to head straight for the video market, and even then, only watch it if there's absolutely nothing else to watch. Or only if you're need for some cheap laughs at how cliche everything is, and the nonsensical plot - OK, so granted that films like these don't deserve one. But to label this a slasher flick, or attempts to market it as such, just cheapens the genre further. Zero suspense, zero tension, repeated tricks, more waking up from dreams nonsense, low body count, and check this out - paper cut type wounds for massive knife inflicted injuries?

Yeah right.

You can read my review of Prom Night at by clicking on the logo below.


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