Monday, July 30, 2007

Jay Chou's Secret Singapore Gala

Welcome! Huan Ying!

Taiwanese pop superstar Jay Chou comes to Singapore today for the gala premiere of Secret, making his directorial debut after his big screen appearance in Initial D, Curse of the Golden Flower, and soon, Slam Dunk!
Picked this up at HK FILMART in March 2007

The crowd gathered early, and by the time I was there at 7pm, there were hordes of fans everywhere at The Cathay, and filled up every nook and cranny for that vintage snapshot of Jay for the photo album.
No Corner Too Acute!

The Crowd

Fans Unite!

The weather wasn't very kind to fans as the skies opened up, but of course as fans, they always come prepared, and I bet you even if there's a lightning storm, you can bet your last dollar those at the barricades will not move an inch, lest someone occupies their money-can't-be-bought space.
It's Only Rain

We Shall Not Be Moved!


The Crowd Continues to Build...

... and Build Some More!

Naturally, the bigger the star, the longer they take to arrive, and he only made an appearance at about 2010hrs, to the loud screams of fans along the red carpet.
Jay Touched Her (The Piano that is)

The Camera Brigade

The usual introductory comments and chit chat by the MC from radio, followed by Jay and co-star Kwai Lun-Mei playing a piece together on the piano.
Where's The Start Button?

You're Good But You're Not Me!

Some dude who can imitate Jay's singing voice (but not prowess mind you) managed to sing one of his songs with Jay accompanying on the piano, but those who believed the MC that Jay was there to perform a medley of 4 songs, were in for a rude shock. He did neither, no songs, no singing, and it was a quick chit chat followed by a wave, and he was whisked off to the theatre hall for the gala.

In all, an extremely long wait for fans, for what is possibly a short glimpse of their idol. Could have been longer for fans to have an opportunity to take pictures, sign some stuff, do some high-fives, and kiss some babies. OK, so maybe not the last bit, but you get the drift. The Red Carpet was long enough, but I guess not everyone's a Tom Cruise (he really did know how to work the crowd and feed off their energy).

Oh, there was an ambulance on standby too, lest someone fainted on site.

My pals from were also on site to bring to you this event and more, so click on the logo below for their exclusive content coverage!

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