Sunday, July 01, 2007

July Is Local Female Directors Month!

If you're asking me why I am stating the gender, it's because the year to date have seen Kelvin Tong, Jack Neo, and if you want to stretch it a little, Max Makowski and Graham Streeter debut their latest films on the big screen in commercial releases. I'm leaving out the festival and one off screenings, otherwise we'll have Jasmin Ng for Pink Paddlers and Lynn Lee (together with James Leong) for Aki Ra's Boys. (You can view the 2007 lineup here)

So for the month of July, we make up for the surplus in testosterone, and we have Tan Pin Pin presenting her follow up documentary to Singapore GaGa entitled Invisible City, and Wee Li Lin making her narrative feature film debut with Gone Shopping, starring Adrian Pang and Kym Ng.

Gone Shopping will have a press conference that is open to the public, on Thursday 28 June 4pm at the Marina Square Atrium, and a Charity Gala Premiere on 24th July 07. The movie opens on 26th July 07.

Invisible City will be screening at the Arts House from 22 July to 12 Aug 07. Tickets are already available, so get yours today. I will hopefully be able to bring you a review on the 3rd/4th July.

Here are the respective website links, teasers and theatrical trailers. Enjoy, remember those dates, and get your tickets!

Invisible City - Tan Pin Pin, 19 Jul


Gone Shopping The Movie - Wee Li Lin, 26 July
Teaser 1

Teaser 2

Teaser 3


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