Saturday, July 14, 2007

Who Slept With Her? aka Sexy Teacher (Nuga Geunyeo-wa Jasseulkka?)

Our Dream Teacher

The poster hailed Who Slept With Her as the "most hilarious sex comedy of the year", a classic case of tooting the horn too loudly. For sure it definitely is not the most hilarious, as most of the time, the jokes felt quite juvenile and akin to what any hot blooded lusty adolescent male will come up with.

Simply put, the object of lust is centered on trainee French teacher Uhm Ji-young (Kim Sa-rang, whom I thought looked like a more curvaceous, sexed up Jeon Ji-hyun from certain angles), a femme fetale who knows how to flaunt them - perfect tits, slender waist, endless legs, packaged in figure hugging dresses, short skits, blouses which provide an outlet for the cleavage to peek-a-boo. And putting her in an all boys Catholic school, is bound to raise the temperatures of the entire male population. We can't afford that, so we have just 3 students who will actively pursue her - the school hunk Kim Tae-yo (Ha Suk-jin), the school pervert Ahn Myong-sub (Ha Dong-hoon) and a boy afflicted with an aging disease (don't ask!) Bae Jae-seong (Park Jun-kyu), who provides the complimentary toilet humour courtesy of his character's large member.

The plot, if any so to speak, besides everyone wanting to bed the teacher, is based on the school's disciplinarian and his dogged pursuit to try and uncover some hanky panky shenanigans going on between teacher and student(s), and the introductory scene set the stage in the form of a a "who did it", before the movie unfolds in a series of modus operandi styled introduction to each and every suspect, making this movie character focus based.

Those *ahem* expecting some skin and flesh to be shown will be utterly disappointed. Kim Sa-rang's assets remain under wraps, and you see nothing, so don't bother. Sometimes in movies of this genre, the supporting cast will be the substitute flesh-barer, but here, you get none. It's played out more like a comedy (and a very weak one at that), with some "sex" elements for the sole purpose of trying to add onto the laughs, rather than to raise some temperatures. You don't get to see anything, and there was a running gag which relied to sound effects, coupled with cheap visual effects to try and elicit some laughs.

However, Ji-young the teacher, as a character, is interesting enough, in that she knows how to manipulate her looks to get what she wants. I'm sure many of us would know someone like that, and sometimes I wonder about how ethical it is to engage in this type of manipulation. Each wink, each twinkle of an eye, each smile, always seem so purposeful, and sometimes she does cross the line and tease the students by seemingly falling for their antics, or getting a little closer to fulfilling their fantasies.

Other than that, I would think "sex comedy" should have sex AND comedy. Eye candy cock teases don't count. Save your money for a repeat viewing of your favourite blockbuster now showing, or catch this on discs format.

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