Saturday, July 14, 2007


So I deliberated for almost 2 days, before making a purchase on a whim, which I rarely do. RARELY.

There are 3 DVD versions of this movie available in Code 3 format here, the first is the version I got, the Exclusive 2 Disc Limited Edition with the Spartan helmet attached. The other version which cost just a little less was the one with the metal casing, which I thought would be worthwhile because it's easier to keep, and a hardier casing I suppose could allow for some hard knocks. The last version of course is a normal 2 Disc edition which comes with a scrapbook of sorts.

But of course I had to settle for that nice looking helmet. It's not cheap plastic ok? I reckon it weighs in at least at 1.5 kilos! Hope the extras (which are on a separate disc) are worthwhile. Review of the DVD to come real soon, but you can read my review of the movie here!

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