Friday, July 07, 2006

The Week in Malaysia

Was up in KL again the entire week, actually thought that I would have the chance to catch some movies while I was there on business, but no, I was so wrong.

Hit the ground running when I arrived, and hardly had much breathing space as work started early, and ended real late, especially towards the latter part of the week. However, I managed to squeeze some time on Monday night to meet up with Yasmin as she was staying nearby the hotel I was bunking in.

It gets a tad creepy walking pass this room in the wee hours of the morning. I stay next door at Room 667 :P

Met up with her and composer Hardesh Singh, who has an upcoming soundtrack compilation coming out in stores soon. I didn't have the time to look for it in stores as my work day was essentially 7am to 2-3am the next day, almost everyday. Slight chance that I might visit KL again the next week, so probably can try my luck when I do find the time for some shopping. Otherwise would have to ask The Visitor to get for me LOL!

Anyway, it was quite late when we met up, and given that she was also travelling overseas the next day, we didn't stay too long for a quick chat, and one of my intentions was to pass her the CD of photos we took on the set on the first day of Mukhsin's production.

Met up with a friend on Tue too, and he has an article out on Mukhsin, published on Friday's The Star newspaper.

Oh yeah, unless of course you can read the fine print, just click on both pictures above to read the articles online.

Enjoy! Can't wait already!

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