Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Exclusive: Kan Lume's Solos

Remember this article I did for movieXclusive, where I had the privilege of interviewing up and coming local director Kan Lume, and I quote from the interview article

"The other is a lower budgeted (S$30K) independent film, made with the European festivals in mind. The subject matter deals with the exploration of human sexuality and chances are that it might be banned in Singapore. While not intended for the purpose of sensationalism, Kan felt that the European market might be more ready for it, and that they are hungry for material from South East Asia."

I got the rare opportunity to attend a closed-door screening of Kan Lume's Solos this evening at the Substation. However, it's a rough cut preview so to speak, thus don't expect a review of it here just yet. The sound's not done up, and the music's absent too. But from what I watched, it stays very true to the quote above.

The subject matter is indeed an exploration of sexuality, and in my opinion, if it is screened here, an R21 rating would be the minimum, given (and I hate to use this word) provocative scenes which will raise eyebrows. There's an easily recognizable star in one of the leading roles, and this film, if it gets to be screened here, will probably create a new buzz in the local filmmaking scene.

Keep you eyes and ears peeled!

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