Monday, July 31, 2006

[DVD] Gubra (2006)

One of my favourite films this year from one of my favourite directors, you can read about Gubra from blog entries that I've put up on the right column, under the Yasmin Ahmad Spotlight.

Instead I'll touch solely on the DVD, which was highly anticipated until its release last week. The DVD will give fans another opportunity to watch the fantastic movie all over again, and to share the experience with friends too.

First up, I half expected the menus inside to be on a black background (since the poster and all are so dark mah), but it's a surprise that the menu's coloured in light pastel, with favourite scenes played out over songs featured in the movie. Subtitles are available, either in English or Chinese, and the visuals are crisply transferred. Damn clear ok?

The interactive scene selection also allows you to zoom straight into your favourite moments in the movie. Mine? Simple, it's scene 4!

But what's special in this DVD, is the treatment of the Making Of.

Combined with the theatrical trailer, this 25 minute Making Of contained interviews with almost all the main cast, and interviews with Yasmin herself, so sorely missed in the Sepet DVD. Here, you'll get to see footage from the sets, as well as those taken from the rehearsals too!

The DVD's available now at all good stores, so don't waste time, go get ya?

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