Tuesday, April 24, 2012

P.O.V. - A Cursed Film (POV: Norowareta Firumu / POV~呪われたフィルム~)

Somebody's Watching Us!

The first person, found footage sub-genre has become a regular staple in horror films, and Japan now jumps onto the bandwagon with writer director Norio Tsuruta's latest movie that deals with perspectives, curses and the likes. But while it had a promising premise involving a school and a persistent ghoul, it lapses back into the same old stale bag of tricks involving countless of shadowy figures, flickering lights along long corridors, and plenty of now-you-see-it-now-you-don't instances, trying hard to build up anticipation and suspense, but coming off most of the times as unintentional comical, and amateurish.

Starring Mirai Shida and Haruna Kawaguchi as fictionalized versions of themselves, things go bump in the dark when they play an anonymous CD submitted by a viewer of their variety show, and soon the bubble gum pop programme gives way to a back story involving the perennial school toilet, an exorcist and a creepy school administrator. Tauruta has a solid idea as a rationale behind the unfinished business, but the final act which was supposed to emphasize its P.O.V in the title, came off as illogical, and unbelievable even if you were to suspend disbelief, and poses too many questions that arose from one's eager intent to add a few more scares into the film.

It probably might have been better if it had just dropped its Ring-ish ambitions in trying to force its own Sadako onto the real world, short of saying to flush it down its many shots of toilet cubicles.

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