Monday, April 23, 2012

Coming Soon: Ghost on Air / 靈聼

At first it was the Jack Neo brand of comedies, and now it looks like horror films are becoming the de facto staple genre that local filmmakers can't wait to dabble in, since audiences here, and in the region, are keen cinema goers eager to lap up all kinds of scares a filmmaker can throw at them.

Directed by Cheng Ding An, whose first feature length film was Kallang Roar the Movie, Ghost on Air sees a collaborative effort with 933FM DJ Dennis Chew, himself no stranger to local horror films having starred in The Ghosts Must Be Crazy, when the director and the lead actor for this film had been actively looking out for a chance to work together. So what better than to tap upon the DJ's real life experience in hosting the popular "Grandpa Chew's Ghost Stories" radio program, and translate that for the cinema?

Set in the modern day, Ghost on Air tells the story of a top radio DJ has who fallen from grace and discovers a shortcut back to fame by telling ghost stories. But as he continues, he realizes with horror that his newfound fans may have come from another realm.

The film’s central philosophy comes from a famous Confucius saying: “One should learn to acknowledge and respect the Gods and Spirits and keep your rightful distance.” Ghost on Air has placed its central emphasis on the fact that sometimes, in the pursuit of true horror, sensationalizing tales of the unknown may bring us to the jaws of a very real danger.

In a run up to its 17th May wide release, expect a slew of promotional activities which you can have a look at a select few here:

(Update 25 April 2012: Dates are still tentative, so lookout for updates!)

28/29 April, 5/6 May: Ghost on Air Parade on the Street - Spooks will trawl Orchard Road and a Facebook contest will be run where snapshots of these ghouls with the most likes will stand a chance to win some prizes

27/28 April, 5/6 May: Meet the Cast in Frasers Mall, with fun and games being organized to win prizes.

1 May: Darkest DJs Challenge - The DJs of 933FM will compete in a dare, and the losers will have to distribute the film's gala tickets at a haunted location. Erm, then who will pick those tickets up then?

14 May: Dennis Chew's fans will be joining him in an exclusive screening of the film

18 May: Film Set Tour - visiting the Ghost on Air sets and actual locations used in the film.

Have a look at the trailer here:

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