Saturday, April 21, 2012

Crowdfund: The Obs: A Documentation

Perhaps with the exception of 2011's Ignore All Detour Signs by filmmakers Helmi Ali & Razin Ramzi, featuring the local band I Am David Sparkle, the local music scene doesn't get a lot of opportunities to be featured on film. Music, whether as a documentary or full blown concert, has been a relative genre staple in recent years, and perhaps it is time that local filmmakers turn the spotlight on their counterparts in the arts scene, and provide that exposure boost, or better yet, a capture of a band's essence to add another dimension to the documentation of a band's journey outside of trade magazines, cursory mentions in the press or limited airtime on the radio.

One of the biggest Singapore bands in the last decade, The Observatory, or The Obs, is currently made up of lead vocalist Leslie Low, bassist Victor Low, keyboardist-singer Vivian Wang and guitarist Dharma, and some have plans to move abroad in 2013. What this means I do not know, but one thing's for sure, it's now or never to start charting the ups and downs of one of Singapore's premiere bands, and director Yeo Siew Hua (whose last feature was In the House of Straw), has plans just to do that.

But he needs our help.

S$50,000 is what stands in the way of The Obs: A Documentation from being made, and your generous help goes a long way to help to fulfill that vision, not only of the director's, but to have captured on film, something that explores the relationships and processes behind the group’s body of work, taking a look back through archival footage, interviews, and treading into their rehearsals, homes, office, and in-between moments, as the synopsis details.

As always, like any savvy investor, you may want to check out the Production Team, the terms and conditions behind this crowdfunding, and other pertinent FAQs before you part with some cash, or contribution in kind.

The Obs: A Documentation crowd funds from now until 31 July 2012, and is expected to complete in 2013.

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Rockets said...

This looks interesting. US fan of the Observatory; was introduced to them by someone at the Flux_Us store (still around?) while working at one of the shipyards 5 or 6 years ago. Hope it gets made!

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